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  American Foundation Creating Leadership for Israel

  “The newest voice for Americans for Israel”
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Upcoming Event: Commemoration of 20th Anniversary of 9/11

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  • We were created in the Spring of 2021 for a fresh outlook on improving the relationship between America and Israel
  • We have a national board of recognized leaders and do-ers who demonstrate a love for Israel
  • We develop leadership for the future support of Israel
  • We emphasize collaborations among national Jewish and Israel support organizations

Our Objectives

  1. Building a bridge of connection between America and Israel through AFCLI creative and collaborative programming
  2. Focusing on young leadership development to guarantee a future of Jewish connection to Israel
  3. Building collaborations with national Jewish and Israel support organizations
  4. Fundraising for Israeli medical innovation projects and American young leadership projects, in collaboration with our national partners and philanthropic leadership

What We Do

Creative Programming and Leadership in Zoom Events

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Our Launch Event

“Miracle at Entebbe” – American National Community Commemoration – 45th Anniversary – Monday July 5, 2021

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